Was in the O.C lookin for Seth and Summer. Turns out it was all a bunch of bs. ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ i think i've said it before but welcome to my mind. * look inside my brain, you'll never be the same cause i ain't so sane.
sometimes it's NSFW, sometimes it looks like a 12 year old runs it... because I express all the sides of me on here. ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡
I am 18 years old, I stay up all night & I love boys. I'm obsessed with Miley Cyrus & cute boys & moleskines. ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡ॐ♡